Jan 28, 2013


Okay, so I'm back to Lisbon and it's always good to be back to this climate. Anything is better actually ( I came from -5 degrees with snow ).

Ahh, so many things to do when u just get home from a 3 months stay abroad. Staying abroad is good but I guess there is a reason for the saying "home sweet home". It has been good to see my boyfriend (let's call him JS from now on) and my little baby dog, BamBam. Scary is that since I left he's double (DOUBLE !!! :-0) the size. He's not so much my "little" baby dog anymore... Hmm. I CAN HANDLE IT.

So this is like a new beginning to get cracking with my life since IT IS 2013 and the first time I have been back since last year. How are you guys holding up your new year's resolutions? For me, it's going ok. Baby steps is better than not moving towards the goal at all I guess. Just gotta have patience. Oh, and speaking of patience. Below are some pictures of what I decided to "whip" together today as today is Monday and everyone needs a little extra on Mondays :-)

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