Jan 2, 2014

Xmas and NYE

So, once again, I haven't been posting anything for a while but I guess that Christmas and New Years Eve prep as kept me pretty occupied in Lisbon, as well as the actual Xmas and NYE itself.

Since my last post from my agency's 20 year party I have done a few things..

For example:
I have been to London.. Yes, on my own. No boyfriends allowed trip. Went for a casting and was so lucky to stay at my friend's, V's house. It was a great trip and me who had never been to London, loved it. LIke so many others, I could live there despite the grey weather - nothing can be worse than my country so.. 

Me at Buckingham Palace (Thanks V for bringing me).

London's "Chinatown". Could we PLEASE get one in Lisbon??? PLEASE ? =)

Castings, castings, castings... Great way to see London, or wait... great way to see the tube. :/

More pictures in another post will come.

Nuno Velez was so kind to offer me some clothes after I did a favor for him. :) Love the pants! Cant wait to show them to you with an outfit post. 

These are one of them Im wearing to the launch party of Pedro Crispim's new project "Styling Project". Watch out for that. It will be an online magazine for us to follow and get great tips and tricks of how to be very stylish... Oh Pedro, you SPOIL us. You can style me any time. :D
The cover of the first edition was the British model, Fiona shot by photographer Carlos Rodrigues.

Filipe Villey(model), me and Filipe Salgueiro (actor/model)

Just me and Filipe. I'mwearing (if anyone cares) Nuno Velez pants, H&M top, Zara jacket and jewelry by Swarowski. =)

Another exciting thing happened in 2013. I got my second Flirt Gourmet order.
Let me introduce you. 
Flirt Gourmet ( is my little dream of a catering business. 
A friend of mine had once tasted my cinnamon rolls that I brought with me to a model job (yes, models do eat sweets) and he loved it. and he decided to surprise his girlfriend with a treat, a heart shaped cinnamon roll cake. Thanks!

And here you go... You may salivate now..

I was also booked to be model for Sisley's blogger night event for all the famous Portuguese bloggers to see the new collection. It was a great event with many sweet fashionistas where they could dress me from the new collection as they would like and then take photos with or without me of their looks. 
If I loved it,then Im sure they did as well. 
I am in love with the pink (see picture below) by the way.

It was also Marta's birthday... (my great neighbour)

Look what I made her. 

2013 also made my dog, BamBam a better dog, cuz now he learned the art of balancing things on his head. The world is a better place now. Amen.

He also became friends with his best friend of all times, Bock the Labrador.

Yes... they're super cute together.

And that's all folks.
2013 wasn't for me what I expected it to be, but I guess that is my own doing as we get what we fight for and maybe, I didn't fight hard enough except towards the end of it. Therefore, I give you my New Years resolutions so I am bound and so I can see for myself next year by this time when I am far away from my professional reality today.

- Take better care of myself and skin (to get manicures more often, pedicures, hair done, etc.) Be a more "me"-person.
- Grow Flirt Gourmet.
- Blogging more often, sharing my point of view to the world.
- Working out 5 times a week. No exceptions. 
- Eat better. Less chocolate mainly.
- Read more books
- Go out more. 
- Be a better person.

Nov 19, 2013

Central Models 20 anos party!

Party time! The party was at BBC..

I'm wearing a high waited mini skirt and cutoff t-shirt from bershka, clutch from Friis&Co., and jacket from Zara.

On picture above with my friend and neighbor Marta, and model/actor Filipe Salgueiro.

Again, Filipe being funny and me and Marta being "cute". :-)

Nov 16, 2013

My Favourite clay mask!

So here is it! The best in the world. Love it! 

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask.

How come I love it?
Well it gives me clearer skin thats for sure. For a few days after it seems likeI have more impurities but when they disappear my skin is as clear as possible.
I do this mask once a week (when I am a good girl).. And I can definitely see the difference when I don't. 

It's not available in Portugal yet, but until then you can buy it online for €18 (+/-) on their website

The beauty of a clay mask! <3

Shhh... It's a secret to clearer skin! 

It's been with me since I can remember and having my mom as a "materialist/skin therapist/dermatologist" as soon as I got the smallest pimple, this was all over my face..

When you apply it to a damp face, you leave it on for 10 minutes and it goes really dry.. That's the point. Wash off with warm water and tadaaaa!  Done! 

I bought this one in the Copenhagen Airport.. Duty free.. Woohoo! Next time I'm there I'll buy more products to try and retry. Loved this brand sinceI was a little girl .. Takes me so far back!

Everyone should give this a try! 

Portugal Fashion SS14 TM Collection

Just some pictures of me on the runway for TM collection! 

First look. 

Me and hairstylist Eric Ribeiro (Griffe Hairstyle

I just walked one show this season.. :-( 

Nevertheless, Im always happy when I get to! Even if its just one. :-) 

Thanks Teresa! It was a great pleasure to walk in your show.

MOTIVATION TIME - a bit of inspo..

Let's be honest here (because its important):

After having periods of being motivated for a bit, going back to not really working on it and so on, finally it seems like I have gotten my passion back and have gotten over the mental block I was having.. (Sorry mom! It's been tough, I know, I know)

There is a time where enough is enough and living the "sheep life" just doesn't cut it. 

I eat, sleep and workout much better. 
I think it's about being proactive. Really proactive. Making sure you do something to get close to and achieve your goal, no matter what it is. 
We have to be honest with ourselves and do what our hearts tells to do, our gut feeling, regardless of what other people (acquaintances, close family and friends, etc) think. 

You only got yourself. The sad and cruel truth: We are born alone and we die alone. Do it for yourself. 

Personally I think it's a big challenge and really hard to lock out everyone else's expectations and thoughts about what you should and shouldn't do. We gotta try and do our best otherwise we might end up living a life we didn't want but your family, boyfriend/girlfriend or friends told us to have. 
Do what really makes you happy (when you find it) and go for it .. When there is a problem (financial, emotional, mental, time, etc) and you are determined to achieve your goal, your mind will find a solution.. Trust yourself. 

It might take time to find what makes you happy, but no matter how long it takes, when you find it, follow your heart. 

My dear friend and chef, Tiago Diz once told me "follow the true signs, your heart will guide you" has made a mark on me and his quote has stayed ever since he said it (Thank you,Tiago! You're an angel)

Me in the gym, super motivated. 

Updates will follow..

Tell me your struggles, successes etc. I would love to hear them.

Opening of L'oreal in Chiado!

It was a lot of fun! 

We were dressed by the fabulous Fauze El Kadre (tailor, stylist and designer) and of course makeup and hair was done by L'Oreal Professionals studios.

My makeup was done by the sweet and talented Carina Quintiliano and hair (look below for a closer look) was done by Renato Luis. Amaze balls. I guess the goal was to make me look like the Elnett hairspray girls... mission accomplished!

Peekaboo Renato!

Sexy time!?

Mostly to show hair. Didn't catch a great photo of the makeup... Sorry Carina! :-/

The show itself was on a 3 x 8 x 2 m stage above the entrance of the new store. If you're afraid of heights, it'd suck to be me. Lucky me I'm fierce enough not to be scared of heights. 

With the opening of the beauty boutique, L'Oreal wants to strengthen their customer relationship and counsel them about what and how they can achieve their beauty objectives and make their dreams a reality. 

 Picture above is me and Rosana werking it on CM TV.. :-) 

Visit their site for more information: 

Apr 30, 2013