Mar 15, 2010

Once upon a time...

There was a little, black, leather jacket. It was a black leather, decoratively studded, short and edgy but chique, rocker-ish but mixable, and very, very ,very usable and in demand jacket. One day, the leather jacket decided to multiply itself. It started out on the runways as a new trend that some people found hard to accept. Evenso, the little black leather jacket was so stubborn that it multiplied itself to the more accessible clothing stores rather than only the high fashion stores. It quickly was bought by eager and enthusiastic fashionistas and accepted into the people's daily life. The little black leather jacket became a need more than a fashion statement. The little black leather jacket was satisfied with what it had done. It had managed to introduce a little more punk and rock into our sugar sweet lives.

The End.

Having told the story about the little black leather jacket, i have to make a strong point about the fact that there are now many variations to the jacket plus, it is not only leather jackets now, it is also skirts, leggings, pants, belts - anything you can imagine - that is "in".

Personally, I own a lot of things in leather and secondhand shops (or your grandma/mom's closet for starters) are a great place to find true teasures in leather.

Be back with more info with places in Portugal and Denmark where you can get things like this.


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