Jun 13, 2010


Last season, not having been too into the fashion industry, is one of the seasons I have regret the most not being into! Reason, simple. I have missed out - BIG TIME!

Can you guess the designer?
It's sleek but oh-so-stylish, trashy but in the BEST possible way and it has metallics without being cheesy and in the limit of "too much". It uses shoulder pads, high heeled shiny, black leather boots, a buns of army tones, golen metallics as mentioned above, mini dresses and nude make-up, lose haired, models.

Have you done your fashion homework these seasons, there should be no doubt in your mind (you could also just read the writing on the picture, but okay) -  I am talking about the fabulous (Pierre) BALMAIN. The 2010 Spring/Summer collection has everything there needs to be for the street trends this season. Here there is no doubt - if you cannot afford it, COPY THE STYLE!

STAY TUNED - next post will give you some affordable replacements for copying the runway look for Balmain Spring/Summer 2010 collection.


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