Jun 24, 2010


Are you original? 
Love cotton candy?
Love taking photos, not any kind of photos, but polaroids?
Love Star Wars and stormtroopers?
Love parkour?
Lots and lots of Adidas sneakers? Flashy clothes? Skating? 

Do you like 10 feet tall balloons with a huge Adidas logo on it?

Well, then you have come to the right place (at least to read about it).

Let me tell you all about it... Here we go:

I was sleeping, so tight, with the computer in my hands, surfing the internet, suddenly I hear this loud scream of my name from my window - one of my good friends, Filipe -better known as "Rico", literally, screaming in my window: "ANN-KRISTIN!!" and I wake up almost in shock. Thanks Rico, thanks a lot. The most stressful wake up in the world!
Well, Rico's mission (and it WORKED!) was to invite me to see his performance(s) at the Adidas Street Party held at Portas do Sol, Lisbon (June 24, 2010)
So I throw on some clothes and makeup and grab my boyfriend and go headed straight to the party.

Entering the party I literally got pushed upon me balloons, free drinks in form of Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Sagres and Joy, minirubber balls in all different colours, parkour guys flying over people heads, "oh! here comes a bunch of skaters" with direction towards anywhere they can go, dancers chilling and rocking to the carefully chosen and well-adjusted background music, while electric blue cottoncandy is found to be in almost everybody's hands, munching on it in a great self-satisfied way.

Suddenly dancers break out in a routine and cute adidas outfits. All made up with hair extentions for the girls and adidas tattoos on the biceps of the guys. Cute, funky, cool and entertaining.

Great atmosphere! And if what they say is true - 


The purpose can be read on the underneath photo upload and leave you with that!


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