Dec 5, 2010

America's Next Top Model - Smallest waist in the world?

I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing - to have the smallest waist in the world according to America's Next Top Model host/former top model, Tyra Banks (I didn't expect you not to know who she is...but just in case).

The winner of the show this season was Ann - a 19 year old skinny skinny model (picture to the right) that will break if you blow wind in her direction. I don't know if she is naturally skinny like that, but one thing is for sure - she doesn't need to worry AT ALL about this christmas, or any other holiday if she stays like that!

The winner, Ann, of ANTM was so fortunate to walk for the famous Roberto Cavalli himself after having won the show.

You can also see a video of her on the follwoing link:

Actually, this brings up a "popular" subject - the issue of models being too skinny... What a cliché this issue has become over the world's blogs, news sites, TV programs, fashion sites, etc.

Personally, I think models should be skinny. But not THAT skinny like shown on the picture above. I mean Victoria Secret skinny. Anything less than that, is too skinny in my opinion.

YES, it's not nice certain girls end up with various eating disorders but this is a whole other case. See, modelling is not really, really considered a real job as it most of the time ends at an "early" age. 

A lot of girls, and I mean there are many since it's a very popular occupation right now with so many girls wanting and/or working as models, do not have the mental strength to be a model, beacause, and trust me when I say, it is a exhausting and mentally tiring industry/world, and that might be a reason why they end up with eating disorders.

Being a model for almost 4 years, I can definately state that it is in fact much more difficult than it seems. The job itself is, at least for me, not the most difficult thing of the job. What I consider difficult is the constant control so to speak of my body. You can never relax, unless you're simply born with the "skinny gene".

The "skinny gene" is not something you can buy, not something you can wish for, it's something you simply have to be born with. I wasn't that lucky. But that's okay, I just have to work extra hard to keep slim. I guess that pays off in the end with all that working out and healthy diets in the end. :)

Anyways, let me share a photo from my own experience (backstage)with the danish version of ANTM - Denmark's Next Top model.

Didn't make it far (top 20) but anyways, here you go:


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