Dec 6, 2010

Ideas for your boyfriend's christmas present?

Christmas... HUM!

Me trying to avoid to enter into stress about presents, wondering if the days are on "speed" in order to find a reason why they are passing by so quickly, and (seriously) CONSTANTLY, having thoughts about presents what to give whom, etc, in my little (actually rather big) head.

Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky to only have 9 presents to give, but still!!

Here's the list of people (and yes, you should be very very honoured to be on the list if you are reading this):

So! That's my list, not very long (not very big family) - but a big, big headache as most of my family members are kind of picky about their presents. But anyways, it should be fun to give presents - and it is.

The hardest I find to be my mom's and my boyfriend's present, so therefore I have decided to "throw out there" some gift ideas for my boyfriend (or boyfriend's in general). Anyways, I know he's reading this so I am not telling which one I picked for him, if any of them at all.

The Big Butt Book

This is an idea no? At least if your guy is a "bootay" kind of guy.

$37.79 -

Krups BeerTender

Do I really need to explain why this is a perfect man gift? $199.00

Tailgater for Ipod


Grilling gift set


Whisky decanter

$60.00 -

That's just five ideas for your guy. However, not thinking more about it - most of these could easily be used as gifts for other people than your boyfriend - dad, cousin, uncle, friend, etc.

Happy Xmas shopping!


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