Mar 12, 2011


Know why? 


Whitin strange house in Sopot, Poland is something so ordinary as a shopping center. Who should have thought? In my opinion, I SIMPLY  LOVE IT. There is something funny and a fairytale-like quality about it which I wish the whole world could be like - most of the time (Lol, my secret inner desire is to live in the world of Alice in Wonderland). 

I also love the fact that so many countries are starting to take a different and more memorable approach to the arquitectural future of their cities. 

Take a look at something so ordinary as a library. Whilst considered such a monotonous public building, Kansas City has taken a different approach to one of its public buildings by sovering the whole library in enormous books, making the word "library" satnd out just a little more in your mind. Well, at least in mine..

To your right, you can fand yet another idea to make our lives a little more interesting (if it is not already!!) because it is in fact a business owned building(probably more like a house in this case) called Mammy’s Cupboard (located in Natchez, United States). 

WHAT IS IT, Ann-Kristin? It is simply a restaurant. To say whether it is good or not, I cannot say - haven't been there.  However, you can find various opinions on the net (i.e. TripAdvisor) about it. 

One thing is for sure, they at least stand out by the first impression.

And talking about impression, how about a house upside down that looks like it fell from the sky into Austria's modern art museum(to the left)? 

Well, in Wien you got it!

I found another house that is upside down. Not sure where it is located but and who.. Here you go(below)!

That's all for now. 

Will be backsoon with news about Lisbon's fashion week.


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