Mar 12, 2011

Your skin is your body's largest organ!

..and yes! It is actually considered an organ!

Because your skin has the follwoing properties:
  • It is a collection of tissue where tissue is a collection of cells.
  • It has the ability to absorb both good and bad "things".
  • It breathes
  • Retains good bacterias that fight off the germs.
Since it's the largest organ and there is so much fuss to take care of it I have decided to share my daily skin care routine!

First, the world famous (AND IT WORKS EVERY TIME!):


How to use:
  1. First I wash off my face with the "Liquid Facial Soap" (product all the way to the left)
  2. Then, I wipe face over with the "Clarifying lotion"
  3. Last, I apply a generous amount of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, just because I have mixed skin (your skin type matters for what you do to your skin) and I always feel like I am more dry on my cheeks and around my eyes than the rest of the face.

    While this is all good for day use, you need something a little more "restoring" for the night. 

    Actually, having taken higher level biology, I realzed through my courses (thank God - I realized SOMETHING during my school years.. just kidding), that during the night, and this might be common knowlede by now, that our skin is, lets just ust one word and say "regenerating" and therefore should free you from the troubles you've had during the day. 

    However, this is not a fact you can rely on that your skin will do the work all on its own. It WON'T. Therefore, I personally use (and the market is overfled with products so I am sure you can find replacements) Clinique's "All About Eyes" (below) for a price of $29.00 (

    There also exist a new more user-friendly version - a roll-on (below)for a price of $26.00(

    Saty tuned for the next post about skin care. I have loads of little tips and tricks being a model for some time now. 

    Ann-Kristin | DELUXEGARBAGE

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