Nov 16, 2013

MOTIVATION TIME - a bit of inspo..

Let's be honest here (because its important):

After having periods of being motivated for a bit, going back to not really working on it and so on, finally it seems like I have gotten my passion back and have gotten over the mental block I was having.. (Sorry mom! It's been tough, I know, I know)

There is a time where enough is enough and living the "sheep life" just doesn't cut it. 

I eat, sleep and workout much better. 
I think it's about being proactive. Really proactive. Making sure you do something to get close to and achieve your goal, no matter what it is. 
We have to be honest with ourselves and do what our hearts tells to do, our gut feeling, regardless of what other people (acquaintances, close family and friends, etc) think. 

You only got yourself. The sad and cruel truth: We are born alone and we die alone. Do it for yourself. 

Personally I think it's a big challenge and really hard to lock out everyone else's expectations and thoughts about what you should and shouldn't do. We gotta try and do our best otherwise we might end up living a life we didn't want but your family, boyfriend/girlfriend or friends told us to have. 
Do what really makes you happy (when you find it) and go for it .. When there is a problem (financial, emotional, mental, time, etc) and you are determined to achieve your goal, your mind will find a solution.. Trust yourself. 

It might take time to find what makes you happy, but no matter how long it takes, when you find it, follow your heart. 

My dear friend and chef, Tiago Diz once told me "follow the true signs, your heart will guide you" has made a mark on me and his quote has stayed ever since he said it (Thank you,Tiago! You're an angel)

Me in the gym, super motivated. 

Updates will follow..

Tell me your struggles, successes etc. I would love to hear them.

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