Nov 16, 2013

Opening of L'oreal in Chiado!

It was a lot of fun! 

We were dressed by the fabulous Fauze El Kadre (tailor, stylist and designer) and of course makeup and hair was done by L'Oreal Professionals studios.

My makeup was done by the sweet and talented Carina Quintiliano and hair (look below for a closer look) was done by Renato Luis. Amaze balls. I guess the goal was to make me look like the Elnett hairspray girls... mission accomplished!

Peekaboo Renato!

Sexy time!?

Mostly to show hair. Didn't catch a great photo of the makeup... Sorry Carina! :-/

The show itself was on a 3 x 8 x 2 m stage above the entrance of the new store. If you're afraid of heights, it'd suck to be me. Lucky me I'm fierce enough not to be scared of heights. 

With the opening of the beauty boutique, L'Oreal wants to strengthen their customer relationship and counsel them about what and how they can achieve their beauty objectives and make their dreams a reality. 

 Picture above is me and Rosana werking it on CM TV.. :-) 

Visit their site for more information: 

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